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About us

  • The Quran Language is an Egyptian centre established in 2013 in Egypt, we are specialized in teaching Arabic and Quran to non-native speakers, who are looking forward to learn Arabic and Quran online. We have taken many reforming phases in order to reach mature academic and professional status till we proved ourselves as one of teaching Arabic to non-natives leaders. 
  • Throughout our path to the top of Arabic and Quran teaching industry, we have achieved various challenging points on the road.
  • The Quran Language cares about and appreciates every student who is looking forward to learn Arabic and Quran online and appreciating science, knowledge and seeking for them. 
  • At The Quran Language we have got experienced talented staff of teachers in Arabic languages, its branches, and in Quran and its various sciences. Moreover we appreciate teachers who are seeking for Arabic and Quran sciences and dedicate great deal of time to serve this purpose. 
  • The value of time and standards of discipline are priorities at The Quran Language.
  • The Quran Language administration motivates the diligent learners who seek to learn Arabic and Quran online  through tests and competition which shows the level and progress of learners.
  • If student is succeeded and trusted by The Quran Language, he will be certified from the centre to be a teacher, in case he passes all tests and mastered Quran. 
  • Prices in The Quran Language are affordable to learners seeking to learn Arabic and Quran online, in parallel with the best educational service.
  • A wide scale opportunity to join interactive online classes with audio and video for teaching Arabic and Quran online
  • At The Quran Language you will learn Quran online and correct your mistakes and prayers, and no need to go out of your home, you will be safe at your place and joining the class through Skype or Zoom.
  • Targeting corporates and companies seeking to give its members Arabic courses to learn Arabic.
  • Statics and numbers: 1000 Foreigner followers, 20 certified teacher, 100 students enrolled, 650 graduated student.

“Our center cares about the students and the teachers as well,we work to create a pure atmosphere for the students and to help them learn faster and better.”

Marwa Mahdy, Founder

Who We Are

Welcome to TheQuranLanguage institute for online quran teaching.
Learn Quran Correct your mistakes and Prayer etc.
Most people do not distinguish between ( “ط ت، س ص ث، ا ع،ہ ح،ض ذ ظ ” )Remember If the words change,then your prayer will be incomplete so join us to recite correctly.

Learn Holy Quran with TheQuranLanguage institute

Who We Are

1.No need to go out of your home be safe at your house.
2.One to one classes through skype or zoom .
3.Highly educated staff.
4.Normal fee pakage.
5.Equally helpful for kids and adults.
6.Male and female tutor available.
7.Join us for one or more free trial its free of cost 

Meet Our Team


Shaykh Mohamed Rabee

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Shaykh Fathy

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Shaykha Nadia

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Shaykh Ali abo sofian

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Shaykha Hala Elshahed


Marwa Mahdy

Founder , GM


Team Leader
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