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01 July

Arabic advanced level

To learn Arabic Online advanced lessons, students start studying texts, starting with Al-Ajuroumia text with explanation of Sheikh Ibn-Otheimeen, or Sheikh Muhammad Mohie Al-Din Abd-Al Hamid (Per his choice) within three months in case of studying five times weekly. Afterwards, …

01 July

Arabic Middle level

To learn Arabic online middle level lessons, students study Al-Madinah four books with special focus on grammatical rules, and improving student’s skills of speaking and writing. Each book will be taught within three months. Afterwards, he or she will be …

01 July

Arabic Beginner Level

Students learn Arabic online lessons of the main book, as well as some additional comprehension books selected by the teacher to best suit them in learning Arabic comprehension and speaking.

24 May

Do you want to enter paradise?

Do you want to enter paradise? * You have to do what we ordered by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him These days are among the best days on which you can enter heaven and God forgive you your …

30 March

How do you get close to God?

The reading of the Koran is the book of God Almighty is the book the miracle ring, which draws Muslims closer to God worship, and since God is beautiful and loves beauty, it must be reading the Koran worship, study, …

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