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Is learning Arabic an easy step?

Learning Arabic is like all other languages, depends on how much the learner is motivated to learn Arabic and spend time and effort in studying Arabic courses and gain knowledge. 


How could learner read and write Arabic on his computer?

Learner can enables the Arabic language on windows, or use instead an online virtual Arabic keyboard, if the learner will use his keyboard he will need to buy Arabic stickers alphabet, or use a keyboard which displays Latin/Arabic on the keys, Those preparations done before beginning of Arabic courses


Are there any steps for the beginner to learn Arabic online?

In general, learners study Arabic alphabet, then pronounce nouns and its plurals, then verbs and the verb forms, at the end of beginner level there will be sentences and conversations. 


Is learning Quran online effective?

There’s no difference between real classes and online classes, in addition the online Quran courses allows learner to study anywhere anytime. Studying Quran courses online is very convenient and adjusts to everyone schedule. 

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